Content Marketing: Create Content That Sells


How many customers are you losing everyday because of your content?

Few know this, but the right kind of content attracts customers and the wrong kind repels customers, hurts your brand, and gets buried deep below people's newsfeeds.

What if you could post your ideas today and start gaining a following for your work? Likes, comments, shares and sales come in each time you hit “Publish”?

Could a single piece of content change your business forever? It sure can. We all have seen it happen before. Now, not everyone will hit content gold the first time; but what if on top of that, you find out how to get more leads fast and for cheap — just by telling stories? Who doesn’t want that?


In this 4-hour accelerated online workshop, you will discover the tried and true secrets of content marketing from a seasoned inbound marketer founded the country’s leading Inbound Marketing agency (which is also an Official Agency Partner for Hubspot in Malaysia). He is considered the leading authority in Inbound Marketing and he has trained more than 1000 students nationwide.

This workshop contains all the hard earned secrets of what it takes to reach & succeed in a localized market unique to Southeast Asia. The fact that most Southeast Asian companies don't take content marketing seriously is already a huge plus for you.


Who is this workshop for?

+ Busy entrepreneurs who want to spread the word about their product and become an authority in the marketplace
+ Small business owners who want a low cost way to reach a massive audience of prospective buyers
+ Serious marketers looking to make an impact on a budget
+ Freelancers looking to market themselves without being seen as a “sellout”


Who is this workshop not for?

+ People looking to get overnight results
+ People who consider themselves content marketing experts (This workshop is geared towards beginners)
+ People who are already getting amazing results with content marketing


Workshop Benefits

Experience a detailed workshop with step-by-step hands-on training. Here's what you'll learn when you join:

+ How to leverage content to turn cold strangers into paying customers & loyal fans
+ Create a vault of content ideas effortlessly so you never run out of things to say
+ Create an editorial calendar that you can actually stick to
+ Low-cost to no-cost, profitable ways to reach massive numbers of people with your marketing message
+ Build a powerful and profitable email list that you can sell to again and again in the future
+ Write mouth-watering content even if you are not a “natural writer”
+ The best tools to use to succeed with content marketing
+ What’s the REAL difference between advertising and marketing (knowing this helps you find out which you should focus on for your stage of the business)
+ The biggest mistakes most marketers make in Malaysia that virtually guarantees they lose and turn off customers every time they post
+ How to attract customers at scale, and chasing after each customer one by one
+ Finding your ideal customer (the better you know your audience, the more likely you'll be able to craft out what attracts them)
+ Understanding your ideal customer’s psychology (so you know exactly how to speak to them and attract them to your business)
+ Tools you can use right now to understand your customers deeper than your competitors
+ How to map and build an irresistible marketing funnel
+ The types of proven content to use for each stage of the funnel
+ Types of funnels you can use for your business (so you can choose the one that fits your working style)
+ Which social media platforms are best for you to use to reach your ideal customer (Hint: It’s may not be Facebook or Instagram)
+ Hard earned secrets and hacks for each platform

… and many more.


After this class, imagine waking up everyday and knowing (not hoping) that for the next 12 months, your content game is settled.

Your marketing message will reach your target audience quickly and effectively, running 24/7 while you have an abundance of free time as you automate and scale your presence online.


What this workshop is not

It’s not a giant list of content marketing tactics.

Some training programs are a giant buffet. They list a bunch of tactics and leave it up to you to pick and choose. The truth is, you can find that online (and it’s downright confusing). What we did was filter down the buffet table of options, strategized, battle tested it in the real world and created a comprehensive framework, so you can do less scattered work and focus your efforts on a process that gets customers reliably at a low cost.


About the Instructor

Wing Hong is the founder of Launchpad, Malaysia's Leading Inbound Marketing Agency. Official Agency Partner for Hubspot.

Starting from humble beginnings, Wing Hong turned his e-commerce business into a traffic magnet, attracting millions of people to the business organically when he discovered inbound marketing by accident. After realizing the lack of agencies who provide such service in the country, he founded Launchpad Marketing, which became the leading Inbound Marketing agency in Malaysia that helps businesses of any size and industry grow their reach, leads and sales online.

His agency has worked with clients such as World of Buzz, SAP, Fave, and even small businesses to grow from 0 to 5 figure monthly sales within months, using the power of content and inbound marketing.

He is the leading authority in inbound marketing in Malaysia. He is often invited to speaker for corporates, government agencies, universities and digital marketing conferences on the topic of Inbound Marketing. He has trained more than 1000 students nationwide.


Join The Content Marketing Class Now

If you’re tired of creating content that doesn’t go anywhere, in this workshop you’ll learn proven strategies for building an audience from scratch, generate more leads and create content that sells (and positioning you & your company as a thought leader within your industry).


Workshop Details

Date: 15th August 2020 (Sat)
Time: 1PM – 3PM (Part 1); 4PM - 6PM (Part 2)
Venue: Online
Price: RM 99 (Includes digital workbook booklet & Certificate of Completion)



1. Where is the workshop?
It will be held online. Shortly before the workshop, we will email you the Zoom link to join us online. :-)

2. Will I get a copy of the slides?
Yes! Be sure to give us your best, personal e-mail address so you can receive it after the workshop! Be do keep them to yourselves only (don't let your competitors hear your newfound secrets).

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Sat Aug 15, 2020
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM MYT
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